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Welcome to My Blog

Hello World.  This is my new blog, and the start of what I hope will be an exciting and informative place.

I'll be writing about the things and people that interest me, the ideas that energize my thoughts, and the places I've been (or dream of going to).

I must do a special shout out to a bright young lady, who is a thoughtful and caring pastor and a beautiful niece. Thank you Tiffany for encouraging me to share my thoughts and give them a place to live and be read.That's me and Pepper

It is so great to live in this world at this moment.  In no other time could we look at pictures of other worlds, explore them and search for the signs of life.  We have decoded the tiny labyrinth of life in the search to understand and appreciate all life on our world.  Here in the West we live with a personal freedom that is expressed in myriad forms and modes of being and belief.

We also live in a perilous time, where age-old traditions and beliefs are challenged. Our time has seen those who wish to drag whole societies backwards into a previous darkness, weighted by terror and the burden of history.

But into these spaces of dark and light we are placed, to act as no others have before us to affect our world. How to do this? Well, through our passion for ideas, our love for adventure and discovery. It is our commitment to be creative, soulful and honest beings with compassion and intellect that will guide us through the night.  We are the true lights of the world, but only if we wish to be.

Thanks for reading.