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It's a tradition every year to make and hang snowflakes in the Monitor Room for Christmas. With a piece of paper, scissors and some imagination, we create our own Winter Wonderland. Add some colored lights and we're good to go to celebrate the season.
Anyone who makes a snowflake gets to hang it up. We get some interesting ones, and it's fun to watch my colleague's reactions to their creations--it's an ameoba, a hockey mask, a I don't know what. All of them are the unique, creative expressions of the best we offer this season.
I admit, I love making snowflakes. It is a gentle madness that inhabits my brain. Folding the paper and cutting the shapes is a meditation for me. Out of these simple things and the odd abstract clipping, a strange, unique and sometime beautiful thing emerges.
Early New Years Day morning, another tradition happens: the snowflakes are torn down and thrown away. Just like the Winter snow, our snowflakes must melt away. Another meditation, the impermenance of things, the neccesity of change in life.
Have a happy holiday. Thanks for reading.